Holistic approach

The following text comes from the book HQ – den mänskliga helhetssynen (The human holistic approach), written by Susanna (PhD in immunology) and Martin Ehdin, MånPocket 2004. We choose to quote this text to clarify the outlook that best reflects our own approach. Our approach also radiates belief in the future and people’s ability to contribute to something that will benefit us all. Susanna and Martin Ehdin calls this holistic intelligence.

The holistic view means that all parts work together into a whole. The word comes from the Greek word holos and means that reality cannot be reduced to the properties of the smaller units that make the entirety. The holistic view looks to the whole within people – body, soul, thoughts and feelings – and between people in our society. According to the holistic approach we are all connected, in the small as well as the large, as one big universal organism. It’s important to develop and use all our intelligences since they describe different parts of our reality. IQ stands for ”I know”, EQ for ”I feel”, BQ for body awareness and SQ stands for ”why”. HQ – our holistic intelligence answers the question ”how”. More precisely: ”How can we put all these perspectives into something that benefits the group as well as the individual – now in the long term and eternal term”