Conference and meeting rooms

Meeting place and education room

Are you planning a conference or seminar with focus on the future, eco-building, the environment or sustainable development? Or an annual meeting, christening or anniversary party? Then you’ve come to the right place. Ecotopia Österlen offers an education room, the so-called future workshop, for the actual event and a meeting place for vegetarian mealtimes. Aside from these rooms you can partake of Ecotopia’s sustainable solutions in a natural environment: ecological and energy efficient construction, solar energy, ecological subsistence, recycled waste water etc. A short presentation on the operation is included in the price but we can also offer guided tours.

Ecotopia also provides rooms suitable for meetings, such as courses and conferences. The education rooms are also suited to anniversary parties, christenings and weddings. The buildings are suited to small or medium-large groups (max 70 people). In addition we can offer vegetarian meals. For overnight stays we offer Ecotopia’s eco-cabins, which can be supplemented with Live on a Farm (at Källagården in Brösarp), hostel (STF in Skåne Tranås) or castle (Kronovall’s castle).

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