Discover Ecotopia

Ecotopia Österlen opened its doors with an Open farm day on Saturday May 19, 2012. Ecotopia is a source of inspiration for anyone interested in building and living in a way that is ecologically sound, energy-efficient, self-subsistent as well as ecocycle and environmentally adapted. The designing of Ecotopia with its seven acres of land started in 2006 based on a holistic perspective with permaculture principles as guidelines. Ecotopia Österlen presents sustainable solutions such as different combinations of ecological building materials with related structures, energy calculation, ecocycle gray water sewage system, wood-fired oven, combined heating system, solar panels, linseed-oil and egg tempera painting etc. At Ecotopia old and new knowledge are intertwined. The farmhouse is a traditional Scanian house from the 19th century built of dried mud-bricks. In 2010 it was lengthened with a farm building. After that the Future workshop and Meeting place were built. In 2013, the construction of a total of six eco-cabins will be completed, one of which is wheelchair accessible. A private initiative is the basis for the vision of Ecotopia’s design and realization. All according to the principle of small-scale operation from available resources in a rural setting. Therefore Ecotopia is not your typical conference centre but a different one. We want everything that is happening at Ecotopia to be on a simple note which is why we aim to live and grow together rather than promote ourselves. We do this with the support of nature and each other. Ecotopia Österlen wishes to be a source of inspiration as co-creator of an environmentally sustainable future and we offer our guests different possibilities.       

We, social entrepreneurs focused on an ecological development of society, are looking forward to meeting you at Ecotopia.