On Ecotopia the new year started

Yesterday was February 1 and Ecotopia opened again. But already in the first month of this year there happened a lot! We were working on our first ECG financial statements and certification. ECG – The Economy for the Common Good is a move for an alternative market economy, but also a concrete tool for making sustainability reports. Here you can read more. Applications have streamed in and the organic cultivation course has for the first time passed the strawbalebuildingcourse. At last organic farming is on the rise!

Representatives from the political party FI – Feminist Initiative had its seminar and they prepared for the election this year. It was time for big cleaning and when the firm cleaned the windows in the future workshop with colloidal silver instead of traditional window cleaners, the water on the windows got into ice … but the most fun of all was when the abbess of Mariavall started my car. The battery had ended. So the new year started really well!! What neighborliness 🙂