Long queues and empty stores…

On Friday it was time for a theme evening. The event was about organic garden box cultivation and how to get a rich harvest from the smallest area. The number of participants dramatically exceeded expectations. Then the basic course in organic farming began. The participants were very pleased with it, so we have already planned the same course next spring 🙂

I am taking this opportunity to post photos of Lena Stenberg’s Easter show, ’Seiten’s Land’, for those who missed it. An exhibition of painting, sculpture, photography, joik, movies, and Sami dishes on the menu. An exhibition that got the visitors to take an inner trip north, meet the indigenous people and observe Lena Stenberg’s bold and strong artistry.

Now the groundwork around the straw bale house is almost finished. Only grass to be sown. Nice to be able to go into the house without having to trudge in with muddy boots. The farm’s natural stones that came up to the surface now rest in their places. Without a machine, it would not have gone so well 😉