2017 is just around the corner…

There is now a newly-built straw bale house on Ecotopia waiting for a response from the municipality. Building planning and control were here to do a final inspection. It is pure pleasure to go in and take a break in a building that one has planned in detail. It is outstanding 🙂 But without Ryszard there would not have been a house. After the inspection, it was therefore time to thank the world’s best construction workers, who built the straw bale house in two years. Proof of what a person can do. Are you looking for a very capable and versatile construction worker at a Swedish company for next year’s construction planning? Then get in touch with us and we will happily pass along the contact details.

The other day I was lucky enough to meet a chimney sweep, Daniel Grip. Finally, the planning of events intended for oven builders and members of the public who are planning to renovate or install a new stove next year can start. There is a lot to consider with respect to fire safety when heating with wood. And of course, it’s wonderful to have heat from a fireplace, wood stove, or clay oven. But next year other courses will also be offered, such as Sunday brunches, theme nights and education. Everything from wild cuisine, straw bale house building, permaculture, organic farming courses and sustainabl!e economy for nutrition, herb walks, rawfood, yoga, beekeeping, individual sanitation solutions and sustainable painting. The first day for most applications is January 30, 2017, which is when we begin our new year.

On Friday it was time for the second Christmas. It’s incredibly gratifying that even this Christmas was fully booked. Christmas dinner with vegetarian and non-alcoholic beverages hit the mark, so we’re planning it again for next year 😉

Don’t stress too much now, but take a break and sit back instead. Feel your body and let the breath flow freely … light a candle and fix your gaze on the radiant glow … enjoy your presence at this moment 😉

THANK YOU for the past year! We wish you wonderful Christmas celebrations in warm company and a prosperous new year!

Welcome back! We open again on February 01, 2017.