One day, four periods.

Just as with the year and its four seasons, my life today is comprised of four time periods. I alternate between business, cultivation, the renovation of the skånelänge, and the straw house build. Today I have, in addition to working in the office, which occupies the largest share of time, planted artichokes, harvested asparagus, picked out glazing bars in the conservatory, planned the pattern for tiling in the bathroom, ordered wallpaper and cooked chocolate mousse cakes. The skånelänga is being renovated for renting to a family with children, the straw bale house built for personal occupation, the cultivation prepared to cover the food requirements of winter, and the business, which requires the most work, has something new happen every day.

The most exciting recent occurrence in the business was probably when the participants of the sustainable building and living course, with eco-architect Varis Bokalders and teachers from the University of Dalarna, were here. It was a delightful revival of old memories from 2009, when they themselves participated. But certainly the course of straw bale house building was as special as it is every year. I got, among other things, to meet guest lecturer Niklas Olsson, who is building a straw bale construction in Hälsingland. A conscious biologist with civil courage, who is planning agroforestry 😉 You can see more about the course here.

Tomorrow the basic course in beekeeping begins, on Sunday I present Ecotopia on Food Festival in Brösarp, and on Thursday Ystad and Tomelilla Municipality are arranging an evening about solar energy at Ecotopia. All this while surrounded by wonderful nature and a wonderful feeling arises that you probably can see in the pictures 🙂