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Ecotopia Österlen
Bondrum 1334
273 92 Skåne Tranås, Sweden


Ecotopia Österlen
+46 (0)703 330 814

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WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.665668, 14.032958

Bondrum 1334, Skåne Tranås (by road 19 between Skåne Tranås and Brösarp)

Public transport:

Bus SkåneExpressen line 4, Kristianstad-Ystad, bus stop Mariavalls kloster. When you get off the bus walk towards Mariavalls kloster (Mariavall nunnery). When you’re on the gravel road keep to the right and pass St. Benedicts monastery on the left. Keep going straight. On your left you will see a house with thatched roof, follow the path along the pasture and walk through the hilly beech forest. There you will find Ecotopia. The walk takes about 10 minutes.